Marketing Initiatives

Messages that WOW Audiences

Whether you’re doing seminars, lunch and learns, adult appreciation or adult education events, Vision Advisors offers several messages that can help you “start the conversation” with your clients or prospects.  Retirement planning, longevity, inflation, long term care, wealth transfer, tax efficiency, etc.  We have unique messages tailored to various age demographics (pre-retiree, near or at retirement age, recently retired), as well as “Women Only” focused messaging.

Executive 403(b)

A mentor-based model working with highly compensated executives who work with nonprofits, schools and universities and churches, using a proprietary marketing model.

Infinite Banking

Using cash value life insurance to provide death protection as well as supplemental income in retirement.  Cash value life insurance can be a tax-efficient way to supplement retirement, and leave wealth to the next generation.

Sell From Your Smartphone

Technology is everywhere, and we’ve harnessed it to provide an innovative way to reach prospective clients with the life insurance message and create leads.  If you’re looking for a turnkey “agency in a box” solution to get in front of more qualified prospects and write more life insurance, then this is something you should consider.

Linked Benefit Solutions

7 in 10 retirees will experience a long term care event prior to death, yet less than 1 in 3 people over the age of 50 have done any planning for this likely event.  Linked benefit solutions is an innovative way to deliver chronic care and long term care benefits to consumers, often without any additional expense.   And with several of these solutions, benefits can be income tax free.  Linked benefit solutions also eliminate the “use it or lose it” argument that many clients raise when long term care is discussed.

Wealth Engineering

A mentor-based model focused on holistic “macro” planning, where YOU become the sole financial adviser for your client’s wealth.  Wealth engineering helps clients take what they are currently doing right now, harmonizing it so their assets and wealth are working to more efficiently achieve their intended results.  Tax efficiency and maximizing returns while minimizing risk are essential elements of planning using a wealth engineering model.

Build a Referral Based Business

On average, it costs nearly $300 to turn a suspect to a prospect, and ultimately to a client.  Now that they’ve said YES the first time, wouldn’t it be great to leverage that relationship and not only become their Trusted Advisor, but to get that client to help you grow your practice by identifying and introducing you to your “ideal client”.  That’s that a well-crafted referral based model can do for you.    It helps you enlist the support of your current and former clients to make referrals to others who want and need the services you offer.