Think Disclosure is Enough? Think AGAIN!

All IRA Advisors and Agents are now  required to follow Impartial Conduct Standards.

If you believe that you can simply toss in a disclosure document provided by a carrier or other source you
may be sitting with a lawsuit target on your back.

A disclosure alone DOES  NOT:

  1. Demonstrate your process of client assessment and product solution analysis
  2. Document the client’s agreement with your assessment and recommendation
  3. Disclose your compliance with Impartial Conduct Standards

Don’t Worry - We’ve Made Compliance Simple

Using the AssessBEST Sales Building System, you will:

No more he said/she said. With AssessBEST, it’s WE SAID.

Signed - Recorded - Retained

In your personal cyber-secure cloud!

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AssessBest is a third party software solution designed to help producers comply with the impartial conducts standards of the DOL Rule.  AssessBest and Vision Advisors are non-affiliated companies.  Vision Advisors does not warranty a specific outcome should you elect to use this (or any) third party software solution.